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my wife is angry with me all the time.  we can't talk; we just argue.  i'm really depressed, but i'm afraid to go to marriage counseling because i don't want a divorce.

i'm sixteen.  i know i should be happy, but i'm not.  i don't have any real friends, i'm just trying to fit in.  i don't even know who i am anymore.

I recently went on a diet and lost 35 pounds.  everybody said how great i looked.  now i can't stop exercising and dieting. everybody wants to know if i'm okay.  i think i am, but i'm not sure.  is this anorexia?

i think i'm codependent, but i'm not dating an addict.  i'm just so worried about making my boyfriend mad. I'm definitely a "pleaser" and now he's upset with me about that.