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Advice given in Ask Dr. J is periodically transferred to the Archives. If you would like to receive the new questions and answers automatically, please click on the RSS Feed on this page.

The aim for this section of the website is to enter into a partnership: the visitor provides the specifics from their own life, and, in so doing, helps others who may be encountering similar difficulties. The advice is free; and while it does not substitute for therapy, it is a way for you to get a professional opinion on your personal problem.

As the website grows, we will have information from all areas of human experience for you to draw upon.

Please check in the categories below. If you do not find your concern, please ask a question. As more questions are answered, more categories will appear.


Click on the topics below :

Advice-Archives on Abusive Relationships

Advice-Archives on Church, School, Work, Friendships

Advice-Archives on Codependency Issues

Advice-Archives on Depression

Advice-Archives on Divorce

Advice-Archives on Eating Disorders

Advice-Archives on Emotional Eating

Advice-Archives on Feeling Crazy

Advice-Archives on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Issues

Advice-Archives on In-Laws

Advice-Archives on Marriage

Advice-Archives on Parenting: Stepfamilies, Adult Children

Advice-Archives on Psychological Diagnosis

Advice-Archives on Sexuality

Advice-Archives on Teenagers and Sex

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